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Horse Farts

Today’s title could not be more literal. We have horse farts on the show today. Matt has begun his trek to see the Grand Canyon, and we’re doing our best to get on-the-scene reports from him. Get your calendars and dance shoes out because we’re taking a musical journey through time. Can you guess the #1 song from this date in history?

No Wine For The Ladies

Daughter Katie Thompson joins via Skype today! Of course there’s plenty of celeb gossip to knock out, but Katie learned a lesson about portion sizes the other day. Mark breaks out his new translating app and speaks to all of our Chinese listeners. And learn some facts about that glass of wine next to your computer!

Four-Two-Four, You’re On The Air

The weather on Lake Norman is now officially bananas, and an escape for Lynda must be planned. We soldier through the snow to get to Sal Cirrincione’s rock report, and he shares a little bit about his most recent rock and roll cruise. Find out which foods are the most addictive and which foods can replace them!

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