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Penis And Other Names
The Mark & Lynda Podcast : Penis And Other Names
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We've got all you need to know about the penis! Having problems getting it up? We've got tips for you and your partner. Going the other way and coming too quickly? We've got tips for that too! Hell, we've got tips for your tips, and a list of new names for it too!

Penis And Other Names

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Bob DoDamit! Had the podcast on LOUD in the office when Lynda started on her penis list. Had to dive for the volume control! Great show Mark, Lynda and Jordan.3 days ago   ·  2
Lisa ThomasWas it me or did anyone else think that caller Harry sounded like Dimitri?3 days ago
Doc DeBozeWhen Lynda started in on the "Penis List" I went, "Uh-Oh...she could be doing this for the Whole Show"!!!3 days ago
David E. WilkinsWow..... I almost skipped this show... When I first read the title of this show as "Penis & Other Names" I thought the whole show was about "Mark". I was only half wrong. Great Show....3 days ago
Richard WolfeHey guys, I have been trying to leave a fucking comment for the last hour, never had a facebook account, don't have Jordan to help me through ....but I THINK I GOT! great show today, Richard in Redlands....A.K.A SHELBYDOGGY3 days ago   ·  1
Renee Brittelle MachurskiHad to shut it an office can't do a super sexy Friday on a Tues. ..lol3 days ago
Paul SujishiComedy at its finest ,will have you laughing all show long3 days ago
Toni AmorosoLove the show and all the great penis info Skeeter shared today - hahah3 days ago
Lisa Varner SteuberIn regards to your conversation with never lost your Mo-Jo Mark, you're just sharing it with different people and doing an awesome job. Long time listener from the M&B days. Lisa in Missouri.2 days ago
Marshall AugustAs always, before I leave my office I download the podcast so I can listen to it on the drive home. Well, the podcast downloads and starts to play and the volume is turned up on my iphone and the first thing I hear is Lynda saying "I love big dicks" which was heard through out my office--needless to say, some interesting looks and comments that i am getting this morning. My explanation that it was Lynda on the podcast just is not cutting it. Thanks for the laughs and love the show.2 days ago
Ashley WilleI am working at a Starbucks today, listening to M&L podcasts on my phone, and had to turn it off because I am so paranoid my headphones will come unplugged and everyone will hear Mark yelling about penises and taking it in the ass. Or afraid I might accidentally type "penis" in an email subconsciously. Too funny.2 days ago
John DanciartThank You Lynda & Mark for my birthday wishes yesterday!!! It was very fun and entertaining as I always enjoy a good chicken. Charlene was correct in that I've been listening to you since the first day on KLOS. I just want to say thanks for doing what you do. Mark, just so you know she didn't give up the back door but let me tell you she rocked my world!!!! Gotta love birthday BJ's!!!!!!2 days ago   ·  1
Phil PhI enjoyed this show, we got a Super Sexy Show on a Tuesday!2 days ago
Scott ParkerIceland.2 days ago

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Tall And Long
The Mark & Lynda Podcast : Tall And Long
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We've got some tips to help make you come off as a bit more sexy. Tall guys, however, probably don't need any help! After that come the rules of attraction. Daughter Amy joins the show today, but it doesn't take long before Lynda is ready to punish everyone in the room.

Tall And Long

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Diane ShaverHow do I email you guys an update on the Serial case of Adnan Syed. After Amy's binge 'listen', I did the same over the weekend. I found more info about the pursuit of answers on this case. I am hooked!4 days ago
Denise Kuhns OchoaWhere is Matt's "Sailing" video?4 days ago   ·  1
Kristeana Vasiliu-Rubalcavahi i am a silent listener...been listening since October of this past year and am hooked...I am getting married this Saturday in South Lake Tahoe and it will be my birthday on April 28th...I just wanted to know if Lynda can do her chicken birthday song :) love you guys, the show, and your children...thank you for making my 2 hour morning commutes enjoyable.... Kristeana3 days ago
Betty Jackson CambruzziMark and Amy sound more o3 days ago
Betty Jackson CambruzziMark & Amy sound more like brother & sister than father/daughter. They crack me up! And I was in tears listening to Mark lighting his hair on fire.3 days ago
Phil PhToo funny when Mark had fun with Amy going to water her pumpkins...2 days ago

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Listener Dave writes in:

"Mark/Lynda..... Every time we go out for the evening (this time a club in Big Bear, CA) my wife has this bad habit of attracting a few (this case 7) Marines.

She says it's all about our Brave Soldiers..... I say she is a Mark & Lynda Slut....

What say you????"
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Ray Salcido Jr.she's a fuckin skank.6 days ago
Ray Salcido Jr.**all in jest!6 days ago
Ray De LeonChoo choo All marines board the the Mark and Lynda slut traaaaain!17 hours ago
Tammi WilkinsHey this "M&L Slut" is happy to support the men and women who keep us safe and warm at home. The deserve our support every day.16 hours ago
Tammi WilkinsOh offense taken. This chick can hang.16 hours ago

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Super Sexy Fetishes
The Mark & Lynda Podcast : Super Sexy Fetishes
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You really can't listen to today's show without headphones. Mark and Lynda learn all about fetishes today, and some are going to catch you by surprise. Everyone names the weirdest place they've had sex, and then there's a full list of 50 weird places to give you something to do for the weekend!

Super Sexy Fetishes

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Jody SollerSo happy to have these guys back in my life! If laughter is the best medicine I'll never have to go to the dr. Again! Lovin U guys5 days ago

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Joke 101
The Mark & Lynda Podcast : Joke 101
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Mark and Lynda have had some relationship advice piling up in the mail room, so everyone chimes in on a few emails. Matt joins via Skype today, and he has a chance to share a joke with the room. Sal Cirrincione also calls in with his rock report, and Matt is only have pleased with the Rock Hall of F…

Joke 101

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Kayleen BradenThanks for the Birthday song! :)3 days ago   ·  1
Dean MagnussonLet's add Matt Thompson to the Hall of Fame!1 day ago

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Cool Stories has been sighted at a Barry Manilow concert! Thanks for sending this in. ... See MoreSee Less

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Kristi Kawas... and in Jerusalem7 days ago

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